Cut out the Lid

Listen Up!

This is the most important cut of the whole process because it will be the most visible.


Our cut will follow the red lines in the picture to the right (move your thumb first).


Use a ruler and a pencil to darken the seam line along each side. Draw a line about half way between the vents and rear edge along the back. Draw the line at the same width down through the handle depression.


Cut a shallow bit at a time along the line. Push the tool against the direction of rotation (keeps the cut from filling in with melted plastic).

If you see smoke, you're going too fast! Let the wheel (and the cut) cool for a few seconds and resume cutting. It will take several passes to cut all the way through.


Cut along the back line next.


I cut straight across the handle and don't try to cut on the line yet. After the lid is removed, you can go back and trim the handle hole on the case.


There are a pair of braces on the inside that served as guides for the analog board. You'll have to cut them from the inside before the top will come off.

I use a small round metal cutting bit to cut through these structures.


And off comes the lid...