Preparing the Bezel

Prep Work

Cover the Apple logo on the front of the bezel with masking tape (keeps it from getting scratched up).

The Mac Plus, SE & Classic logo is recessed far enough to prevent scratching but you should cover the printed name with tape to prevent it from scratching.

Almost everything that sticks up, out or down must be cut off and ground smooth.


The curve of the inside of the bezel opening will have to be minimized later as part of the final fitting to the bezel to the case/tank combo.

Leave it alone for now.


Leave the socket for the brightness knob alone (we'll put the knob back in later).


Use a cut-off wheel on the Dremel to remove the interior structures.


Go slow! Take it off a little bit at a time until you get the hang of the tool.


I cut the bezel structures in two passes. The first time around, I use a cut-off wheel to remove as much as possible without cutting into the bezel frame.


This is another illustration of the bezel after the first pass with the Dremel (using the cut-off wheel).


Now, I go around again with a (small) barrel stone and grind the structures all the way down.


This is the bezel after all the bits have been removed.