1981 - 2000, Rest In Peace

My constant companion for almost two decades, Sly passed away on October 31st, 2000.

Born under my bed in late '81, Sylvester was the pick of the second litter of the notorious traitor, Fluffy the Third. In the years since, he has outlasted five houses, two wives (and their dogs) and slept through it all.

The Tale of Fluffy III

The first two Fluffys were my childhood pets. I got Fluffy III on August 21, 1980 when she was just a tiny kitten.

For a couple of years, Sly, his mother, and I lived happily together. Then one day Fluffy decided she'd rather live several doors down the street on the front porch of a guy named "Bob". I brought her home several times (as did Bob) but each time she'd manage to escape the house and head right back down the street. Eventually, I took Bob a big sack of catfood and accepted the inevetable...

A lot of people ask about his ears. He does have ears, they just don't stand up. In his years as an outdoors cat, first one and then the other ear became injured and swollen somehow and when lanced by the vet assumed their current crumpled shape. The vet did offer to perform plastic surgery to right them but we declined.

Sly is now (and has been for the past several years) strictly an indoors cat.

Typical - If it looks like I might want to use it, he'll sit right in the middle of it...

Sylvester's One-And-Only IBM PC Catbox

Click here for the whole story.


Tough guy one minute, sleeping the next.

 Diabetes In Cats...

In the summer of 1998, Sylvester couldn't keep his food down and lost half his weight. He was diagnosed as hypo-glycemic. So now he gets insulin shots - twice a day, every day. He's doing great now and has gained back most of his weight. I'd be interested in hearing about any experience you might have dealing with adult onset feline diabetes.


Sylvester playing with his good buddy, Dexter (who belongs to my good buddy, Sam). Too bad he was sitting in my lap at the time.

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