What To Do...

With that stack of old IBM PC's that I dragged home from the flea market?

I've received lots of email about my aquariums over the years, nearly all of it positive. But occasionally some joker writes, exclaiming that a Macquarium is "the only good use for a Mac" - no doubt congratulating himself for being so clever and original.

My response has usually been to ignore such comments or reply that PC's are so worthless that they don't even make good aquaria.

Now, I don't hate PC's. In fact, I've made a good bit of money over the years working on them. I also realize that the majority of personal computers are Windows-Intel boxes and I don't think all the folks who use them are stupid.

But I always wanted a better retort to aim at the Mac-bashers. I believe that I have found it.

The IBM PC Catbox

So, flame me if you wish. I couldn't think of anything else this old computer was good for. It does match the color of my utility room rather well, don't you think?

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