I did not build the first Macquarium, legend has it that Andy Ihnatko did. He also created and released to the world a set of often humorous plans detailing the construction of his brainchild. These plans were widely distributed and achieved legendary status, first on BBS's and then on the internet. Thank you, Andy, for a great idea.

The pages that follow will tell and show you how I build a Macquarium. I want to make it clear that I'm not saying this is the only way to do it, or even the best way. It's just my way.

My way is to fabricate an acrylic tank that maximizes the water volume and provides lighting, filtration, and easy access to the tank for cleaning and maintenance. The result is larger and more durable than a glass tank.

It's also more work and more expensive. I believe the extra effort and money are well worth it and hope you will, too.


Jim Lower

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