Materials & Tools

Macintosh: These plans will work without modification on a Mac 128, 512, Plus, SE, and SE/30 computers. In addition, with slight modification, the plans will also work for Mac Classic and Classic II computers.

Acrylic: I use Plexiglas brand acrylic. There are other brands which may (or may not) work as well - I don't know. A 3' X 6' sheet of 1/4" Plexiglas costs about $45 at Home Depot and is large enough to make ~3 MacQuariums. Feel free to buy a smaller sheet but if this is your first time working with acrylic, you'll probably ruin a piece or two and the extra material may come in handy. Do not use Lexan! It may be harder to scratch and break but it's almost impossible to bond.

Acrylic Cement (Methlyne Chloride)

Sold under various trade names. I've looked but never found this at large superstores like Home Depot, but it can be found at plastics supply houses. Check your Yellow Pages under "Plastic Supply" for more info.

Get both the liquid and thickened versions. You won't need a lot, so get the smallest can & tube you can find.

Note - this stuff isn't really a cement or glue. It's a solvent that literally melts the acrylic pieces together. Once bonded correctly, the pieces will never come apart. I also creates seriously toxic fumes - follow the warnings on the can & tube and avoid breathing the vapors!



A plastic squeeze bottle with a needle-like tip. Pick one up at the same place & time as the acrylic cement (above).

Note: When you're done cementing pieces together, pour the remaining solvent back into the metal can it came in. The solvent will quickly evaporate from the plastic bottle, even when capped.


Undergravel Filter (UGF) Kit

A UGF kit designed for a 5 or 10 gallon aquarium should cost $5 to $8 and is more than large enough. Easily found at Wal Mart or aquarium stores.

Light Fixture

A 4 watt fluorescent fixture (Pico Lampi p/n 5204)

Note: Recently, I've had trouble finding this model. An alternative is a similar light that does not include the cord. You'll have to use a seperate appliance cord in this case. You may also find inexpensive 4 watt lights at Wal Mart that will work but do not have replaceable bulbs. These are okay if you don't mind replacing the fixture once a year or so.



Very important!!! Remember how your momma said you were going to "put your eye out"? Well, when you start cutting and grinding on the Mac case and the acrylic, the pieces are going to fly and there's a good chance you really really will injure your eyes unless you protect them.


Dremel (or other rotary tool)

You'll want the variable speed model (although the single speed model will work) with the flexible neck attachment.


 Dremel Bits




 Cut-off Wheel

 Barrel Stone (large)

 Barrel Stone (small)

 Steel Cutter

Flat Files

Round & Square Files

Note - you can find files that are designed specifically for plastic and/or acrylic but I've found that just about any file will work.
Masking Tape
(2) C-Clamps
T-15 Torx Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Flat Blade Screwdriver (small)
Velcro (6" long X 3/4" wide)
Propane Torch
Red or Black "Flair" Marker
(4) Bar Clamps