My Fish

I never imagined good fish pictures would be so hard to produce (hold still you guys!). These were all taken with a camcorder, so please forgive the picture quality problems.

All of my tanks are small and most of them are centered around a single species (although most also have bottom dwellers of some kind).

Betta - Started out in the Monitor tank with a bunch of assorted barbs. He then moved to my only glass tank (a 10 gallon) and then was the sole occupant of a Mk III Mac 128k tank where he died of unknown causes on June 2, 1996.

Goldfish - These guys are my professional "tank cyclers" and almost always get the job of cycling a new tank. In spite of this treatment they seem to thrive and I hope to be able to reward them someday by moving them to a larger, more permanent home.

Barbs - Tiger & Green Tiger pose for a nice group picture. Some of the busiest and most entertaining fish to watch, they'll chase each other around the tank for hours. The Pl*co (right) is their tankmate.

Rosy Barbs - The Long Finned kind. These guys are very active also and seem to be less prone to "fin nip" their tankmates.

Platy - A pair of which produced my first (and second, and third, etc) batch of baby fishes. Good computer-aquarium fish because they are not shy and will swim right up to the front of the tank to greet you.

My community tank - Pictured here is a Ghost Catfish, a Dwarf Gourami, and a pair of Headlight - Taillight Tetras (left), a pl*co (middle) and a pair of Cory's (right).

The Snails - My first snail crawled out of his tank, twice! The second time was fatal... In the picture above right the second snail creeps along the tube holding the light for the Mac TV tank, apparently undisturbed by the bright light just below him.

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