I built my first MacQuarium in June, 1995. It was a 2 1/2 gallon acrylic tank fitted into a Mac 512kE case. It looked good but burst a seam a couple hours after filling. This was no suprise since I know A Great Truth - I never do anything right the first time. Unfortunately, no video of this tank was taken and so no pictures are available. I ripped it to shreds in a fit of disgust and went back to the drawing boards.

My first sucessful MacQuarium was completed in October, 1995. The "donor" Mac was a Mac 512kE that I had personally paid $2000 for in 1986. Ouch!

This is the "Mark II" tank style, the only one that was ever built. There were a couple problems with this design, but most notably the position of the lights left a lot to be desired. The next design of the tank achieved better lighting with half the fixtures. This tank lives on as a planter. A few more pictures of this aquarium are found here.

This is the "Mark III" tank style. As best as I can recall, I built about 10 of these tanks. This design eliminated the filter box stuck to the bottom of the tank and positioned the light under the floppy drive slot. It also added about 1/2 gallon to the capacity of the tank compared to the Mark II version. A few more pictures of this aquarium can be found here.

This is the "Mark IV" tank style and is almost certainly the final design. The bend under the face plate was straightened for ease of construction and to increase the water volume (again). All together, I have built about 20 of these tanks. A few more pictures of this aquarium can be found here.