Occasionally over the years I have built other aquariums that are "one of a kind". Here are a few examples of these efforts.

Built in September, 1996, this aquarium started as an end-table that I found at a flea market. The tank itself is a two piece design. One long piece bent five times with a single vertical seam (behind the light tube) is glued to a hexagonal base. The light is in an acrylic tube that runs vertically up one side of the tank and extends through a hole in the base. This is a wonderful little aquarium with a capacity of about 14 gallons.

Built in March, 1996, this aquarium is built from one of Apple's most stylish computers; the Macintosh TV. Instead of tearing up an old computer, this aquarium was built entirely from repair parts ordered from Apple.

My first large monitor aquarium was built in September, 1995 from an Apple Two-Page Display (above left). My other large monitor aquarium was built in June 1996 from a Mirror Technologies 19" monitor (above right).